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Let's get straight to the point. You're here because you need a new place to stay. We can help. 

The units you see have either been APPROVED, or we have the KEYS already. 

These units go fast for two reasons. 

1. We found a tenant. 

2. We responded too slow after Approval with moving forward. 

The rental unit has been approved under either a female or male profile. The goal is to transfer the lease into your name after we've established history with the company. OR you can just live underneath the profile and won't have to worry about lease violations tied to you. 

You will know who the profile is ..

You will have access to rental portals etc. 


These approvals are first come first served. Most likely, a holding deposit is due ASAP.

The holding deposit usually ranges from $350 - $500. 

That removes the listing off the market, and next thing is First & Last: 

Which is due no later than 5 days before the Move In Date is scheduled.

Usually just calculate the RENT x2 for your total move in cost. 

There will be a FINDERS FEE of $600 Added to your total cost. 


You must move fast on a selection. Have $350-$500 ready to pull the approved unit off the market. Lastly, before receiving keys.

First, Last and the Finders Fee is due 5 days prior to the Move In Date.

The holding deposit is deducted from your total as payment towards the Move In.


Rent(First): $500

Security Deposit (Last): $500

Finders Fee: $600

Credit: $350

Total: $1250 DUE


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