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Tradelines are authorized user accounts that individuals can add to their credit report to boost their credit score. Typically, these are seasoned accounts with a positive payment history and low credit utilization. By becoming an authorized user on someone else’s credit account, you inherit the account’s positive history, which can potentially improve your credit score.

 Tradelines post by matching the information you provide – with what exists on your credit file.

So when a tradeline posts, it means the information matched successfully.  If a tradeline posts to one bureau but not the others, the issue is with the information on your credit report, and not the Tradeline itself. ( if the problem were with the Tradeline –

it wouldn’t post at all )
If this is ever the case, we advise you seek credit repair services as that is a telltale sign your 3 reports lack congruency and is, therefore, out of our control.

  These tradelines can be used for Personal Credit as well as CPNs. 

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